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🤑💰Forex Chasers 3.0

Discover What It Takes To Join The Top 1% Winning Traders

Introducing the newest version of our program, now in 3.0! We've taken everything that made our previous programs successful and made it even better.

Our program 3.0 is designed to help you become a successful trader with ease. We'll teach you how to develop a profitable plan that ensures consistent profitability.

With our 3.0 program, you'll master wealth psychology and learn to rid yourself of money worries. You'll experience the freedom to live life on your own terms, indulging in the finest things in life and creating unforgettable experiences with your loved ones.

Our program 3.0 takes a comprehensive approach to setting up your trading account for long-term success. You'll learn to use specific trading tools and price action to gain an edge in the market and identify market trends with precise timing.

But that's not all. Our program 3.0 challenges you to set and achieve ambitious goals while teaching you the secrets of leading professional traders who have accumulated vast amounts of wealth.

Our program 3.0 is the ultimate tool for traders of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our 3.0 program has everything you need to succeed. Sign up today and take your trading to the next level with our program 3.0!

What you'll get:

  • Module 1: Birds Eye View
  • How to use Our Kajabi App - (Platform Tutorials
  • Introduction To Forex
  • Introduction To Meta Trader 4 & Trading-view Platform
  • Tools you need before getting started!
  • How To Search For A Proper Broker
  • How To Pick The Right Pairs
  • How To Spot A Good Entry
  • How To Know If We Are Buying or Selling
  • How To Treat Forex As A Business
  • Psychology Guidelines
  • Module 2: The Mindset
  • Master Price Action The Premium Way Ebook
  • Currency Characteristics
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Trend Identification
  • Support & Resistance
  • Higher Time Frame & Lower Time Frame Trends
  • Head & Shoulders / Double Tops & Bottoms
  • How To Backtest Properly
  • In Depth Explanation On Pattern Separation
  • How To Decide On Placing A Stop Loss & Take Profit
  • How To Manage Both A Winning & Losing Trade
  • How To Calculate Risk And Number Of Trades One Should Take
  • Whats The Right Time To Place A Trade And How Do You Know If Its Time To Close
  • Risk Management Guidelines
  • Risk Reward Ratio
  • Module 3 : Trading Indices
  • Introduction into Indices
  • Trading Timeframes
  • Risk Management on Indices
  • Indices Trading Strategy (Part 1)
  • Indices Trading Strategy (Part 2)
  • Psychology and Position Management 
  • Module 4 : The Action
  • Trading Plan + Backtesting Guidelines
  • How To Trade A Breakout
  • How To Trade A Retest
  • Ascending/Descending Patterns - The Chasers Way
  • Rectangle/Flag Pattern - The Chasers Way
  • Rising/Falling Wedge Patterns - The Chasers Way
  • The Difference Between Retracement And Reversal
  • Difference Between Continuation & Reversal Pattern - The Chasers Way
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Module 5: Advanced Trading
  • Gartley Advanced Pattern
  • Bat Advanced Pattern
  • Cypher Advanced Pattern
  • Module 6 : Psychology
  • Personal Development Tips + Goal Setting Tips
  • Affirmations Positive Thinking Tips + Wealth Psychology
  • ForexChasers Trading plan & Trading Journal Template
  • Previous Recorded Sessions
  • And many more + Assessment Tasks


  • Private Master Mind Discussion Group
  • Mentorship
  • Unlimited Signals and Weekly Live Trading Sessions 


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ForexChasers gave me the confidence to actually take the bold step into quitting my 8-5 and note very long after seeing major results with their excelent training and guidance💪

Samuel Michaels

Unbelievably amazingly excellent. I've done loads of forex training courses and mentoring programs all over the Internet and Forex Chasers is hands down the best one ever. It's unbelievable. Best ever. I can hardly believe it. Came for me at just the right time too. I've been learning price action previously and they're all about what I've been trying to learn and the way I've been trying to trade. Big coincidence really. Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much. I'm studying your material so hard now, will draft my plan and start back testing soon.

John Smith

A financial Company that does not only provide financial services but also provide mental health, Self consciousness/Awareness & Personal Growth. These are the basic elements needed to manage and Multiply Wealth✊. #forexchasers keep doing the most!! 💯

Jay Nkazimulo James

You are very amazing guys. You gave me information which are extra ordinary in my forex trading career. Thank you Forex chasers for making me a professional forex trader. Now it's from rags to riches. I am able to make money utilising their strategies

Musenda Nickson

Lesiba and the crew I personally want to say the way you doing things now it is exceptionally great by sharing your analysis setup when I see you guys posting you’re setups I review my chart then I try to see any possibilities and direction the market may take I take that as part of learning through my trading journey yes I’ve blown accounts but recently I try not to blow accounts but recover what I have lost through my draw downs Andile!

Andile Sihawula