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Are you ready to discover the tactics and strategies that top Forex traders use to achieve multi-million dollar returns? If so, it’s time to Unlock the Secrets of Wealth. 

Packed with Actionable Trading Strategies

Scalable Forex trading growth starts here. Our trusted Forex Chasers team packed our training with the need-to-know behind impressive profitability and results. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How to set up your Forex trading account for success, laying a sustainable foundation for future growth and profitability. 
  • How to use specific trading tools and instruments to identify market trends with precise timing. 
  • Strategies you can implement immediately to create your own trading signals, test new techniques, take advantage of market patterns, and more.
  • Set achievable goals while learning the key secrets that some of the Professional leading Forex traders use to accumulate wealth. 
  • And beyond


Unlock The Secrets Of Wealth


Modules, Bonuses, and More

Module 1: Setting Up Forex Business

  1. Mastering Introduction of Forex Trading
  2. Setting up your Brokerage account , Metatrader Platform and Trading View
  3. Choosing Instruments to Trade
  4. Market Movements - Buying vs Selling
  5. Growing Your Forex Business

 Module 2: Technical Trading Tools

  1. Mastering Price Movements Candlesticks   
  2. Instruments characteristics And Identifying Trend 
  3. Multi-Timeframe and Market Levels 
  4. Develop your Trading Schedule and Timeframes 

 Module 3: Winning Trading Strategies

  1. Proven Winning Market Patterns  
  2. Advanced Trading Strategies (BAT Pattern) 
  3. Advanced Trading Strategies (GARTLEY Pattern) 
  4. Applying your Technical Tools 
  5. Risk Management - (Create Your Own Signals) 
  6. Testing Your Strategy For Consistent Growth 

    Module 4: Build Sustainable Wealth

  1. Making Your First $100K/year Trading Plan  
  2. Goal Setting , Affirmations and Wealth Psychology 
  3. Multiple Sources of Income

    Module 5The Secrets

  1. Secret 1- What is expected of you to pass challenge
  2. Secret 2 - The truth behind risk management
  3. Secret 3 - Four types of trades
  4. Secret 4 - Trailing and exiting a trade via locking profit
  5. Secret 5 - Strategy to maximize your profits
  6. Secret 6 - Strategy to maximize your profits (part 2)
  7. Secret 7 - Scaling in trades and maximizing profit potential
  8. Secret 8 - Position sizing and trading bigger lot sizes
  9. Secret 9 - 10x your money with this strategy
  10. Secret 10 - Should you take profit or hold longer?
  11. Secret 11 - Three powerful steps to improve your discipline
  12. Secret 12 - Exclusive case study to making your first 100K/ Year

    What You Also Get:

    • Daily Signals
    • 1 Daily Live Trading Session
    • 1 Daily Live Market Breakdown Session
    • 1 / 1 Lessons


  • Indice Course Trading Strategies - (Value $149)
  • Trading Plan Journal - (Value $47)
  • Trading Ebook - (Value $97)
  • Ultimate Transformation Course - (Value $397)
  • Risk management Course - (Value $499)
  • 3.0 course (reloaded) - (Value $1497)
  • 0 to six figures course - (Value $147)
  • Library - (Value $99)

 Total Value - ($2932)
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